Pictures of Melmerby in the Past

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1790 map of the village. Some of the houses date back to the 17th Century.

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The village about 100 years ago


Carton village at the turn of the Century. (Click to enlarge)



The Forresters


Swidney Lodge - duck shoot 1903

Grouse House, Coverhead August 12th 1901

Agglethorpe Hall



Carlton village in 2004 (click to enlarge)







Shooting party Coverdale 1927

Farmhouse range 100 years ago

The Forresters' Biennial March through Melmerby

View from top of Village 100 years ago


Forresters in Melmerby

Ken Styan with farm dog






Sheep Wash 1950's

Milehouse Farm 100 years ago

Photograph of Old Farmhouse taken in the early 1970s.

Dinsdale family 1950's


Ken Styan - woodcutting







Melmerby Love Feast 1955

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Melmerby village around 1908 - children wearing clogs

Horse-drawn windrower 1950's

Mr Hogg on motorbike 1950's

View from bottom of Village 100 years ago


Elaine Styan with her Grandfather




Postman on horse