The old custom of holding a “camp meeting" at Melmerby to conclude a series of love feasts in Coverdale, was observed on Sunday, the proceedings being conducted from a farm trailer lent by Mr. Kenneth Styan, of


The day's proceedings opened with a service in Melmerby Chapel, conducted by Mr. Tom Fothergill, of Newbiggin‑on‑Lune, who has come for the services annually for more than 30 years. Miss R. Simpson was at the organ.

Preceding the camp meeting in the afternoon the congregation walked in procession from the moor edge to the village, singing a hymn to the accompaniment of an accordion played by Miss Margaret Iveson, of Carlton. A good congregation sitting on forms in the shade of an old blacksmith’s shop joined in the service. Miss Iveson again supplied the music and joined Miss Fothergill in a duet.

The speakers were Mr. William Parkinson and Mr. R. Jackson and Mr. Fothergill again preached. Each stressed the need for evangelism and for maintaining the simple religious services as practiced in Coverdale for centuries.

The proceedings concluded by a love feast in Melmerby Methodist Chapel, which was well filled. The preacher was Mr. Fothergill and his helpers, Mr. Parkinson and Mr. Jackson.

From the Darlington & Stockton Times, August 20th 1955

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