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leya with dummy and nappy on head

Ryan aged 4 and Leya 1

Sarah & DannyTony's daughter and son-in-law


Jon and Sue (Dot's son and daughter)

Sally &Cassie (sadly Sally is no longer with us)


(also sadly no longer with us)

Jake's birthday with extended family (other granny and grandad and aunty and uncle and cousins and friends

Helen (Tony's daughter) at



Barney aged 15.

Sue (dot's daughter) jumping off a mountain on ski holiday 2007 Jake ages 19  

 Poy and Thaia

David, Tony's son


Jake aged 11 in chair


Barney aged 15 - Dot's grandson

(who wants to be a model)



Barney ages 22



Ryan aged 4 and Leya aged 1

Ben (sadly no longer with us)

Sally and Cassie

Sally on left (no longer with us)

Leya nearly 2


Ryan - Helen and Marcel's new baby born 26 June 2010. Tony's grandson    

arah an

Amelia Susan (Amy) Sarah and Danny's baby born April 2017

David and Thaia aged 4 months

Leya, Helen and Marcel's daughter aged 3. Aged 2 (the face!)

Ryan. Helen and Marcel's son aged 6